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Welcome to Tanis Trips,

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

For those of you who know me, I hope you see the humor in the title - think about it! While I love to travel...on a daily basis what do I do just walking around the house? TRIP… A LOT! We’re not talking acid trips here, we’re talking literally, I trip and fall down or bruise a body part. So Tanis Trips!

For those of you who don’t know me, I was born with a slight case of Cerebral Palsy resulting in a left leg that doesn’t like to function quite like my right leg. I stub my left toes on the ground often, tripping, and falling on a semi-regular basis. So what better title to have then “Tanis Trips”!

My desire in sharing with you is to empower women to travel more - solo or in small groups. I’ll show you it's not about always knowing what you’re doing, but being open to the experience and trusting yourself and humanity. People want you to fall in love with their home and have memorable stories to share with your friends/family. As a retired high school social studies teacher, I miss sharing my travel adventures with my students, inspiring them to explore the world. So now I share them with you, “Let’s travel.”

I hope you laugh and wander along with me on this journey, or maybe we'll be lucky enough to travel together in the future. I plan on posting a new story each week. Get ready to read about meeting mountain gorillas in Africa, diving with minke whales in Australia, riding elephants in Thailand, skiing in Dubai, working in Kuwait, backpacking through Europe, speeding tickets in Morocco, Turkish baths, and more. Thank you for joining me! Don't forget to subscribe on the bottom of my home page!

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3 Yorum

Kelly Zevin
Kelly Zevin
29 Haz 2021

Yay! I love that this project has come to fruition. You have so much knowledge and experience to share. I can't wait to read!


Tanis Pettit
Tanis Pettit
09 Haz 2021


I know from first-hand experience that your students loved hearing about your trips, as did I! The stories were a great reward after completion of classwork.

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