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Costa Rican Melons

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Watermelons, papaya, coconuts, butterflies, ants, monkeys, and sloths were all part of our recent trip to Costa Rica for my bestie’s birthday celebration with our guys in tow. Our friend Suz has been living in Dominical, a small surfing beach town on the southern Pacific side of the country, otherwise known as the hippy town of Costa Rica, according to the guy sitting next to us at the airport. Our Dominical lodging, “Casa Pura Vida” (Click here) was a hillside 2 bedroom stone house with teak carved doors and windows. A kidney shaped, covered pool separated the main house from the open air “Monkey House” which surrounded you with fresh air and the sounds of nature through screened windows and an outdoor tiled shower. White faced monkeys greeted us on the first morning and howler monkeys startled us up at 5:30 one morning. They are literally called the loudest animal on the planet by some people. National Geographic Youtube clip on howler monkey sounds Meanwhile our friends woke to a woodpecker outside their window, but isn’t nature what you want in Costa Rica? Of course!

We had decided to save money and cook at the house rather than eating out all the time so to that end we found a wonderful local fish market for some red snapper and shrimp, and fresh fruit at a store. The back of our rented suv was pretty packed and when we got home, as I was opening the hatch, our watermelon decided to attempt an escape and when thump on the ground. Partially split and leaking juices, I attempted a watermelon rescue up the tile steps to the kitchen. So as to not attract ants, of which there are a gazillion in Costa Rica, some innocent builders, some that require a benadryl chaser, I side stepped up the stairs carefully setting the watermelon on the stone railing after each step. Almost to the top...yep, "Tanis tripped" and fell with a watermelon “splat” all over the tile. The kicker...I was wearing only a skirt because, come on, who wears undies in the tropics! So there we lay in all our glory; me, legs in the air, and the watermelon struned all over the tile! I think the comment from the boys was “Well, there’s an image I’ve never forget!”

Just as we were heading down those stairs the next morning to leave we heard another “splat”. A coconut came rolling down the hill, hit the side of our car, creaming the tire and windshield. Good thing we had full coverage on the car, all we had to return was the set of keys.

So if you ever find yourself in Dominical, rent Casa Pura Vida and for everyone’s sake, wear some underwear!

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